Tuesday, 1 November 2011

punk is still political (or can be, anyway)

Remember Canadian punk band D.O.A.? Following any of their 21st-century activities?

A recent press release from D.O.A.'s Sudden Death Records (describing the band as the "godfathers of hardcore") is a reminder that some punk and hardcore retains its active political edge.

Apparently D.O.A. member ("band leader") Joe Keithley is expressing his current politics by supporting the Occupy movement in multiple Canadian locations - activism enabled by the band's recent cross-Canada tour. After performing acoustic sets for Occupy Ottawa and Occupy Regina, Keithley now plans to keep the momentum going while back home in Vancouver. Here's the info for you West Coasters:

  • D.O.A. performs on Guy Fawkes Day (Saturday November 5) at Occupy Vancouver. This event also features a pre-D.O.A. talk by Rex Wyler, one of the founding members of activist organization Greenpeace. From the band and Sudden Death:
"See you there this Saturday and remember friends, that we can, we will and we must make this world into a better place than it is now!"
That's an impulse I can support.

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