Tuesday, 18 October 2011

skinny puppy + peta2 = free song download

News from SPV/Synthetic Symphony:
Animal rights organization peta2 has joined forces with industrial music legends SKINNY PUPPY to offer a free download of a new SKINNY PUPPY song. The song "Wavy" comes from their new release "hanDover" which is being released October 25th via SPV/Synthetic Symphony. Get your free download of "Wavy" courtesy of peta2 HERE
peta2 is the more youth-oriented division of parent organization People for the Ethical Treatment of animals. The partnership with Skinny Puppy is a logical one, building on early associations between the band and animal rights activism, especially in relation to the anti-vivisection song "Testure."

My review of the new Skinny Puppy album should be up next week at exclaim.ca [edit: see comment below], but the site has some preview info plus a video you can check out in the meantime.

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laura said...

And, in follow-up, the review link: Skinny Puppy - hanDover.