Monday, 9 May 2011

when summer starts chomping at the bit (metal radio and other fun stuff)

A few highlights from my (tasty) weekend:
  • lentil soup from the Bean Ladies: you add water, an onion, and a carrot (if you have one) and half an hour later you have yummy soup.
  • fresh ale bread from Urban Parisian (Port Dover): ever drink the Devil's Pale Ale? ever think it would be delicious in bread? well, it is, at least when the Urban Parisian folks make it!
  • vegan 'quesa'dillas from Mex-I-Can (Hamilton): good friends, good food (if you're in no particular hurry) and birthday fun (not mine).
  • home BBQing
  • goldfinch feeding (under threat from a hovering clan of yellow birds unimpressed by the sunflower seeds I'd put out earlier)
  • flower planting (I'm a sucker for the garden)
  • replacing the sneakers I had literally worn through to the ground (new shoes, same old style)
  • the very odd film Rubber: a sadistic tire awakens to discover its own violent psychokinetic powers while the audience watches through binoculars...

Hellbound Summer Metal Meltdown on CFMU 93.3 FM!

My first official radio appearance since I laid Kill Eat Exploit the Weak to rest in 2007, this time co-hosting with Hellbound staffers Sean Palmerson, Adam Wills and Jonathan Smith.

My opening playlist (roughly a quarter of our 10:30pm-12am time slot):
  • Edge of Sanity "Silent" Purgatory Afterglow
  • Virgin Black "Walk Without Limbs" Sombre Romantic
  • Anathema "Sleepless" Serenades
  • Annihilator "Set the World on Fire" Set the World on Fire
Hellbound is invading CFMU for the entire summer. Tune us in.

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