Thursday, 25 March 2010

winter reviews round-up

aka part 2...

The general trend? My ears have not been wowed much yet in 2010.

A few more reviews to check out at if you're in the mood:

And two for

One more - not by me but potentially interesting to anyone who's seen Heavy Metal in Baghdad:

Another DVD mention if not a full review: I got a chance to preview the Norwegian black metal doc Until the Light Takes Us, though I didn't make it out to the theatre in Toronto to see it. It's a strange film, attempting to tap into the atmosphere of the scene it infiltrates. It's not cinema verité but the interviewer(s) is absent, all part of shaping the mystique that pools around three very different characters: the violent ideologist, the passive nihilist, the masochistic goth. The film represents black metal as counterculture, art, ideology, and lifestyle, particularly catering to fans of Darkthrone, Burzum/early Mayhem, and Satyricon. It's worth seeing if you get a chance.

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