Sunday, 28 March 2010

save the dragon

One of my favourite finds, as a new (vegan) Hamiltonian, was the Sky Dragon Centre. Being a homebody a lot of the time I haven't taken advantage of everything the Centre has to offer, and I haven't been there as often as I might like. Still I've enjoyed many non-dairy (and often non-soy) lattes, vegan baked treats, rice bowls, microbrews, and other yummy consumables there. I've shopped at the organic market, bought fair trade coffee for home, admired the art, enjoyed the ambiance. And that's just a taste of what's going on there.

It's been reassuring to know Hamilton can harbour this kind of sanctuary. But now that harbouring is in some doubt. Sky Dragon's mortgage is scheduled to be pulled on April 18th, leaving the coop in a very tenuous position. They need a new mortgage, and probably some restructuring to stay in operation. I'm not clear on all the details, but The Spec has published some information and the Sky Dragon blog has more info on the issues than I've had time to read. It sounds like it's going to take some community mobilization to keep the Centre going. If you're willing to help, read the blog, spread the word, and think about attending the community information meeting this Monday, March 29, 7pm – 9 at Ricca’s Furniture Building, 228 James St. North, Hamilton.


And just a reminder for those of you in the Niagara area (I think I posted this before):

WHEN: Sunday, April 11, 5:30pm- 11:00
LOCATION: L3 Nightclub, Downtown St. Catharines Ontario
DETAILS: $10 with all proceeds to Storybook Farm Primate Sanctuary. All ages. Free vegan food from Brooklyn's Restaurant. Live music from In Limbo, Chainsaw Lobotomy, Black Majik Movement, The Overfiend, and Sound Asleep. Raffles/door prizes. Contact BARC for tickets.

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PhebeAnn said...

I've also been to some really great book/poetry readings at the Sky Dragon. I hope they stay open!