Thursday, 28 January 2010

winter 2010 metal reviews, part one

I went to my first concert of the year this week - Devin Townsend Project and Cynic, along with Scale the Summit, opening for Between the Buried and Me. I snagged my spot on the guest list because of DTP - it's been years since I've seen Hevy Devy live and after being sucked intoAddicted addiction, I couldn't resist the chance to see him again. Cynic was an added draw - I was never a huge Cynic fan, probably hadn't listened to them in years, but I remember them standing out in the early 90s metal scene and I wanted to hear what they're up to now. Well, I loved it, and now I can't figure out why I wasn't paying more attention earlier. Scale the Summit was a pleasant surprise - much more enticing live than they sound on myspace. And Between the Buried and Me, though they weren't hitting the right spot for me, clearly put on a good show (if you can forgive a rather lame turn of phrase). If my informal reflections have caught your interest, check out the official BTBAM concert review at Exclaim!.

One of my favourite new releases of the year is the new Ihsahn record, but I can't get over how Alice in Chains-ish it feels to me: Ihsahn - After - reviewed for Exclaim!.

The Sigh I was less impressed with, a disappointing development but in line with my disappointment after seeing them live on their last NA tour. Maybe I've just lost touch with what they're up to? Or maybe they've lost touch with ears like mine?: Sigh - Scenes from Hell review.


The Mule said...

I wish that Cynic tour had come out to the West Coast—killer bill! Oh well, I saw Cynic twice last year, so I can't complain.

I haven't heard the new Sigh yet. I've followed them for a long while, but I think I'll always favour the Infidel Art & Ghastly Funeral Theatre period.

Nice work on the Woods of Ypres review/interview, BTW.

Kill Eat Exploit the Weak said...

Twice last year - you're spoiled! The sound was not ideal at the corner of the stage where I wedged myself to take photos, so I'd be happy to see Cynic and the Devin Townsend Project again soon.

I don't hate the Sigh, but it is unsatisfying compared to some of their stuff.

Thanks - I have lots more material from that interview that I'll probably post here in a bit.