Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Veggie Superfriends event in St Catharines

Passing along an announcement disseminated by Niagara Action for Animals:
"Veggie Superfriends" will be coming together to raise funds for the AETA 4, 4 animal rights activists from the U.S. who are currently facing terrorism charges (10 years) for things like chalking sidewalks, wearing balaclavas at demonstrations to conceal their identities, etc. Although these charges are all frivolous, they are up against a major piece of legislation, the AETA Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act, and legal fees are mounting. Let's all get together to help all our jailed activists and show the world that unjust legislation like this will not stop the call for an end to animal cruelty. All proceeds from ticket sales are going to the legal fund for the AETA 4. The day starts at 1:00 pm and includes the following:
  • Cooking Demo with Vegan Chocolate Goddess Suie Moffat. Author of "Lickin' The Beaters" and owner/operator of Boardwalk Chocolates (, 2pm.
  • Guest lecture from Brock University Professor and former host of Animal Voices, Lauren Corman, 2:50pm.
  • Tabling from local AR organizations as well as Sea Shepherd.
  • Film Showing: The Cove, 3:30pm.
  • Free vegan food, 5:30pm.
  • Bands, starting 6:30pm:
I Refuse (Ottawa Hardcore) -
Black Faxes (Toronto Hardcore) -
Class War (Niagara Hardcore Reunion!) -
Northern Primitive (Niagara Rockers) -
Tickets can be had by emailing or at 73 St. Paul St in the near future. There will be two separate colour tickets, one for those who are attending, and one for those who support the cause but will not be attending (blue). For those we are not in the area but want to support this cause, please donate online by paypal or email
More info on the cause and the activists can be found here: or
I don't know much about the case they're raising money for here, or even about the speakers and bands scheduled for the event, but I can say with a great deal of certainty that I'm against labelling animal activists as terrorists. Herbivore magazine had a story on the issue a couple of years ago. If that issue is no longer available I'll see about getting permission to scan and post the article.

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It would definitely be worth reading, I think.