Wednesday, 30 December 2009

heavy hitters from 1999

I submitted my music picks for 2009 weeks ago already (see this post for exclaim! year in review info, and then check out's special year end coverage with a Canadian twist and submit your own top Canadian picks to win a Canadian metal prize pack). I'm not even going to try to play the 'best of the decade' game, but since the year is almost expired, it's about time for my twist on the typical year end lists - a rundown oft what I was into ten years ago.

If you caught last year's 'best of' post you might recall that this is a KEEW tradition, first devised for a new year's eve radio special many years past. This will be my third new year's away from CKMS but here are some of the records I'd be mining for tracks if I was still on the air.

KEEW's best of 1999 (in no particular order):
Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black
Opeth - Still Life
In Flames - Colony
Tristania - Beyond the Veil
Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave
Anathema - Judgement
Rapture - Futile
Immortal - At the Heart of Winter
Agalloch - Pale Folklore
Moonspell - The Butterfly Effect
Hypocrisy - Hypocrisy
Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Cathedral - Caravan Beyond Redemption
Amorphis - Tuonela
Lacrimas Profundere - Memorandum
My Dying Bride - The Light at the End of the WorldSolus - Universal Bloodshed
Odyssey - Odyssey
Katatonia - Tonight's Decision
Sevendust - Home
Pain - Rebirth
Skunk Anansie - Post Orgasmic Chill
Korn - Issues

Disclaimers: If I screwed up any of these release dates, so be it. These are all worth mentioning whatever year they were released in. But it's also entirely possible I forgot something good too. What can I say? Memory's not my strong point. You'll also note that I start veering away from the metal canon toward the end of the list. I'm not a purist. I like what I like.

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