Wednesday, 9 December 2009

the devin townsend project

A few weeks ago I interviewed Devin Townsend, getting him to talk (it wasn't hard) about his new four-album opus under the name Devin Townsend Project. Two albums are out, two more to fall in May, and they'll end up covering pretty much the full spectrum of musical intensity and volume (or so, I gather).

The interview is split up in two parts, with the main chunk posted at Exclaim, alongside my review of the Addicted album (the December print issue has a longer review, but no interview).

Part two, a little more business-oriented, just went up at

Happy reading.


The Mule said...

Excellent. Devin is in a chatty mood these days. He was my first "metal phoner" interview for U! back in the day.

Jon said...

Chatty indeed. That first bit was chock full of stuff to chew on.