Friday, 9 January 2009

humane societies in need and memorializing a metal legend

I've seen, heard and read several news stories about humane societies suffering in the current economic crunch. Animal aid groups having inadequate funding to care for all nearby animals in need - well, that's pretty much a perpetual problem. But the gist of these recent tales is that people who lose their jobs, their nest eggs, their security can't afford to care for their pets. And pets can be expensive, especially once you factor vet care into the mix.

I went to a talk recently which raised the issue of the way animal protection, welfare and care issues often get set off against caring for the well-being of humans, as if it were an either/or proposition. I'm hoping that hard economic times don't worsen this false dichotomy...


A couple of posts ago I discussed the death of my friend and metal legend Adrian Bromley. This coming Saturday, January 17th, his family, friends, colleagues and fellow metalheads will be celebrating his life and legacy (and sharing in some collective mourning) at the Opera House in Toronto. Entrance, starting at 6:30pm, is by pay-what-you-can donation. A photographic slide show, videos, and mic for memorializing are part of the evening's line-up. Bid on donated items for additional fundraising and stick around throughout the night for live performances by Detsorgsekalf, Eclipse Eternal, Endorphins, Into The Void, Musk Ox, Piledriver & Woods Of Ypres. If you're there and know what I look like, come up and say hi.

(I'll also be doing a little bittersweet celebrating when Rotting Christ plays the WreckRoom on January 12th...)

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