Monday, 29 September 2008

autumn's for animals

Niagara Action for Animals sent out their fall newsletter this week, so I thought I'd dig into it and do my bit to distribute some animal-related information.

World Animal Day is October 4, and has been since 1931. It's also the day of the NAfA book sale, and of the Amorphis / Samael / Virgin Black show in Toronto (and my friend's birthday).

While World Animal Day was started for endangered species it's now a day for all animals. Feral cats have their own day though - National Feral Cat Day on October 16.

Apparently it was Hug a Vegetarian Day recently too...

And speaking of vegetarians... I made a last minute decision to eat at Fresh tonight before going to see Alpha Galates, Tub Ring and Three at the Mod Club. I like the venue - it was our first time there. My ears are a little tired; I don't think I've ever heard so much musical activity all in one night: layering, counterpoint, harmonies, speed, complexity, chaos... I have no previous Alpha Galates experience to compare their performance to but I was intrigued, particularly when they were all singing at once. Tub Ring was as crazy as usual, though I don't think they were as 'on' or enjoying themselves as much as when I saw them in Guelph last year. Three was amazing in terms of what they were able to pull off live and how well, but their set verged on showiness-over-substance at times. I'd see them again though (however, I highly doubt Trevorkian would join me).

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