Wednesday, 25 June 2008

the cbc notices that women can rock...

In my usual quick scan of the news headlines today I noticed a photo of Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow. The main CBC news page was not the first place I'd expect to see it a shot of Gossow's war-painted and screaming face. So of course I had to read the accompanying article, She raaah!: Women are doing it for themselves in the world of heavy metal.

A bit simplistic (but how could you capture the complexities of females in a 1000-word news story?) and sort of undermines the work of earlier and other women metal musicians (how about mentioning some guitarists, bassists, or drummers who've been slugging it or shredding in mostly male bands?), but not bad on the whole. Good to see Binks made an effort to get several perspectives, insider as well as scholarly. Worth a read, anyway.

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