Saturday, 24 March 2007

cutest critter in the world and 'global warming - the great conspiracy'

Y'all should now by now how much I love polar bears, and the baby ones especially - could be the cutest animals in the world. Now you may have also heard about the baby polar bear in Germany who some animal rights activists believe should have been left to die (or killed) when his mom rejected him, so nature could take its course. Talking about nature taking its course for captive animals seems like debating a moot point to me, like the kind of argument that asserts we shouldn't keep pets. We've already muddled in nature. Sure we should try not to muddle things up even more, but stepping back and walking away from a bad job isn't going to suddenly set everything right again. Anyway, here's one of the latest articles on the little critter and his first public appearance.

An awful lot of Canadians still believe in some sort of god, but do they believe in global warming? Turns out most of them do. Odd phrasing that. Kind of puts global warming on par with the tooth fairy...

On the music front, I'm kicking myself for missing Unexpect and Tugnut in Waterloo this week but I'm going to try to make it up to myself by seeing The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity, Into Eternity and Scar Symmetry this Thursday in Toronto. I expect I'll be consoled. (Shum13 and Stereo Dynamite come through again) :)

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