Friday, 16 March 2007

seals, primates and rock'n'roll

The Canadian seal hunt. A contentious international issue. And I can't think of another debate related to the treatment of animals in Canada that gets as much media attention, particularly around this time of year. Here's just one of many recent headlines:

Opposing sides in seal-hunt dispute step up campaigns in Canada, Europe

You'll hear a fair amount of propaganda from both sides of the argument (and I encourage you not to shut either out), but go here if you want to read what Canadian non-profit activist group the Global Action Network has to say on the issue. I have mixed feelings about the seal hunt myself, but I highly respect the GAN's mandate:
Global Action Network is a nationally incorporated non-profit organization, dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and action. We believe that animals, the environment, and human welfare are inextricably linked. Simply put, animal abuse and the destruction of our environment has an ultimate consequence - the degradation of the human species. We achieve our mandate through education, grassroots organizing, coalition building, and political networking. Global Action Network works in seven program areas: Sustainable Agriculture, Oceans, Wildlife, Animals in Entertainment, Globalization, Animals in Biomedical Research and Companion Animals.
Which brings me to another issue that will probably slip under the mass media radar but which disturbs me rather more - plans to create new primate research centre in Quebec for the [highly unreliable] testing of vaccines on 150 to 200 non-human primates. The group Canadians for the Advancement of Health Research (CAHR) has posted an online petition where people can read about the planned centre and register their distaste for the project.

On a more light-hearted note, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to see The Creepshow last night and had a good time - the band's fun to listen to but even more fun to watch. (Thanks to Jeremy/Stereo Dynamite!). In a bizarre twist of fate, my friend's band Luck Number Ten opened up.

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