Saturday, 8 April 2017

Kill Eat Exploit the Weak update - new webpage at!

The folks at CFMU 93.3 FM launched a brand new awesome website on March 24. Among the many impressive features of this new site is a dedicated page for Kill Eat Exploit the Weak (and every other show on the station).

The new page - - will make it easier for you listeners to tune in to our show at your convenience. Click the above link and you'll find an archive of the eight most recent episodes, which you can download or stream right in your browser.

Click on the link for each episode and you'll find our brief show notes as well as the full episode playlist, with links to how you can find out more about each band and listen to or purchase their music.

One of the best things about the new CFMU website is that it works on mobile devices - something the old site just couldn't do.

Another new feature is the Twitter chat option - tag any post #CFMU_KEEW and it will show up on our page and make it easier for us to respond. There's a button right on the page if you feel like commenting on something you're reading or hearing.

With all this going on over at this blog site, which primarily posts playlists these days, is now redundant. This site will remain online, and may get new content occasionally, but if you want to know what's going on with Kill Eat Exploit the Weak, listen to the show, or check out our playlists, please visit us at

Peace, love and carrots, baby!

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