Thursday, 2 February 2017

KEEW playlist: February 1, 2017 – power metal(?)

In the spirit of keeping the listeners (or perhaps mostly ourselves?) entertained, Adam and Laura have decided to put together some genre-focused Kill Eat Exploit the Weak episodes in 2017. For some reason, the metal genre we decided to start with is POWER METAL.

If you listened to the show this week, you'll know we present this power metal feature with a strong disclaimer: this is not a list of "essential" or the "best" or "most influential" power metal songs/albums/bands - or any other supposedly objective ranking of power metal recordings. It's just our favourite power metal(ish) songs - or at least our favourites that we could remember and had on hand when we put the show together, alongside some picks meant to highlight some of the contemporary power metal coming out of Canada.

That said, we challenge you not to play air drums or guitar, raise a fist in the air, and belt out these choruses as you celebrate the awesomeness and ridiculousness that makes power metal what it is.

Feb 1/2, 2017

Blind GuardianNightfall in Middle-EarthThe Curse of Feanor
SavatageHall of the Mountain KingHall of the Mountain King
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys, Part IIEagle Fly Free
MasterplanMasterplanSail On
BorealisWorld of SilenceWorld of Silence
Sonata ArcticaSilenceWolf & Raven
Wuthering HeightsFar From The Maddening CrowdThe Road Goes Ever On
MerkabahUbiquityDivine Sparks
KamelotThe Black HaloMarch of Mephisto
Iced EarthHorror ShowDracula
Crimson ShadowsSails of DestinyFreedom and Salvation
Unleash the ArchersTime Stands StillTonight We Ride
Eclipse ProphecyDays of JudgementThrough the Storm
ManowarFighting the WorldBlack Wind, Fire and Steel
HammerfallCrimson ThunderHearts on Fire
GloryhammerSpace 1992: Rise Of The Chaos WizardsQuestlords Of Inverness, Ride To The Galactic Fortress!
Jag PanzerThe Fourth JudgmentFuture Shock
Dream EvilDragonslayerThe Chosen Ones
AvantasiaLost In Space Part ILost In Space
EdguyAge of the JokerTwo Out of Seven

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