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KEEW playlists, fall 2016

No, KEEW hasn't been on hiatus this fall. We've only been on hiatus from updating our playlist records. Now that December is almost here, it's time to fill in the gaps.

September 7/8, 2016

The (mostly) ProgPower USA edition.

Stream of PassionEmbrace the StormPassion
Spock's BeardThe Oblivion ParticleBennett Built a Time Machine
DragonforceIn the Line of FireDefenders
GloryhammerSpace 1992 - Rise of the Chaos WizardsRise of the Chaos Wizards
Blind GuardianA Night at the OperaAnd Then There Was Silence
Gentle StormThe DiaryThe Greatest Love
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade of GrayIn Trance
Scar SymmetryDark Matter DimensionsDark Matter Dimensions
AscendiaThe Lion and The JesterAt the End of It All
Devin Townsend ProjectTranscendenceFailure
Green CarnationLight of Day, Day of DarknessLight of Day, Day of Darkness (radio edit)
HakenThe MountainCockroach King
Serious BlackAs Daylight BreaksSetting Fire to the Earth
AnnihilatorSet the World on FireBats in the Belfry
Skull FistChasing the DreamBad for Good
KurokumaAdvorsusDark Triad
Ill OmenPestilential Hierophanies - split 7" EPWhited, Pestilent Sepulchre
SpireEntropy CD/LPEnds

September 14/15

ProgPower edition revisited.

September 21/22

ArkonaYavGorod Snov
ValfreyaWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol. 1Confront Immensity
ProtokultCupid Metal compilationDesert Scourge
Bolt Thrower...For Victory...For Victory
Yeti on HorsebackDewar PR Compilation Vol. 2Psycho
Vow of ThornsFarewell to the SunGreat Abomination
Van HalstWorld of Make BelieveSave Me
Astral WitchBlack Denim
Black AbsintheEarly Signs of DenialPigs
SahgMemento MoriDevilseed
UsurpressThe Retal TribeThe one they call the Usurpress
Fractal CypherThe Human ParadoxEndless Circle
DGMThe PassageGhost of Insanity
AYAHAUSCAYinDark Matter god
NosoundScintillaThe Perfect Wife
VölurDisirWhite Phantom
AbominationTragedy StrikesPull the Plug
BloodnutBlues from the Red SunWitches Mountain
AllegaeonProponentAll Hail Science
Chariots of the GodsAges UnsungTusk

September 28/29

The AgonistFiveThe Hunt
OathbreakerRheiaBeing Able to Feel Nothing
NeurosisFires Within FiresBroken Ground
InsomniumWinter’s GateWinter's Gate
OpethSorceressThe Wilde Flowers
DysrhythmiaThe Veil of ControlInternal_Eternal
GhostPopestarSquare Hammer
Vile CreatureA Pessimistic DoomsayerA Pessimistic Doomsayer
ProfanerSigns of NineSymbol of Supremacy
DiemondsNever Wanna DieOver It
AxxionBack in TimeBack in Time
Suicidal TendenciesWorld Gone MadClay Lie Ozzy
MetallicaMoth Into Flame
PanzerfaustHeart of Gold: A Tribute to Woods of YpresA Meeting Place and Time
EpicaThe Holographic PrincipleThe Edge of the Blade
Operation MindcrimeResurrectionTaking on the World

October 5/6

LeprousThe CongregationSlave
Yeti on HorsebackDewar PR Vol IIPsycho
Des Meeres
IschemicFrigid DescentCerebral Pestilence
CyphierBreathe EPBreathe
Dead TiredVol. OneMusic Enthusiast Blues
BiblicalEPThe Quiet Crooks
EpicaThe Holographic PrincipleThe Edge of the Blade
Tengger CavalryBlood Sacrifice ShamanTengger Cavalry
Operation MindcrimeResurrectionTaking on the World
IllyrianRound 2: Fight!Zeta Reticulan
AsphyxIncoming DeathForerunners of the Apocalypse
Saint VitusLive Vol 2War is Our Destiny
WinterfyllethThe Dark HereafterLed Astray in the Forest Dark
Brain TentaclesBrain TentaclesKingda Ka
GorgutsPleiades' DustPleiades' Dust

October 12/13

AnciientsVoice from the VoidBuried in Sand
DarkthroneArctic ThunderBurial Fiends
Gates of WinterLux AeternaLife Force Rapture
WarningWatching From a DistanceBridges
40 Watt SunWider Than The SkyBeyond You
Cardinal WyrmCast Away SoulsThe Resonant Dead
Strapping Young LadAlienLove?
SepulturaChaos ADRefuse/Resist
Red FangOnly GhostsCut it Short
UnexpectIn a Flesh AquariumDesert Urbania
Mares of ThraceThe PilgrimageThe Gallwasp
KataklysmOf Ghosts and GodsThe Black Sheep
IhsahnArktis.Until I Too Dissolve
Oceans of SlumberWinterWinter
Madder MortemRed In Tooth And ClawBlood on the Sand

October 19/20

So many good songs last week... We decided to play them all again.

October 26/27

The Halloween-ish edition.

GreberHometown HeroinBonebath
CauldronTomorrow's LostNitebreaker
LöadëdMetal Train
KawirFather Sun, Mother MoonDionysus
MeshuggahThe Violent Sleep of ReasonMonstroCity
ProfanerSigns of NineSymbol of Supremacy
PanzerfaustJehova-Jireh - The Divine Anti-LogosEphpatha
The Chronicles of IsrafelA Trillion Lights, Tome IINightmare
Cardinal WyrmCast Away SoulsSoul Devouring Fog
WovenwarHonor Is DeadConfession
Anaal NathrakhThe Whole of the LawHold Your Children Close and Pray for Oblivion
Jagged mouthLouringThere Is No Help Coming
A Province of ThayAtonementAtonement
TestamentBrotherhood Of The SnakeCenturies of Suffering
Madder MortemRed In Tooth And ClawBlood on the Sand
Blood CeremonyLord of MisruleThe Devil's Widow
Type O NegativeWorld Coming DownAll Hallow's Eve

November 2/3

Dark TranquillityAtomaForward Momentum
HammerFallBuilt To LastThe Sacred Vow
Leaves EyesFires In The North EPFires in the North
VoltangBad SoundsScarabs
RiftwalkerGreen & BlackHarlequin Ichtyosis
Judas PriestDefenders of the FaithLove Bites
Iron MaidenPowerslaveAces High
Black SabbathParanoidFairies Wear Boots
Body StuffBody Stuff 2Coward Song
AnciientsVoice of the VoidBuried in Sand
VaderThe EmpireSend Me Back To Hell
ExaltThe Shape You Took Before the AcheLeave Them All Behind
The AgonistFiveThe Anchor and the Sail
Eggs of GomorrhRot ProphetLeperverted
CalligramDemimondeBed of Nails
HoathCodex III: Crown of the MindWith the Lightning of Eye
KyyBeyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond DeathDeath Within
v01dGreeted As LiberatorsOf the Willing
Esben and the WitchOlder TerrorsTHe Wolf's Sun
Crippled Black PhoenixBronzeNo Fun

November 9/10

GhostPopestarSquare Hammer
OldeShallow GravesAbsurd Conditions
Swallow the SunSongs from the NorthWith You Came The Whole of the World's Tears
Dark TranquillityAtomaNeutrality
EnforcerLive By FireTake Me to Hell
AyahuascaYinDark Matter God
eyeswithoutafaceDead Friends EPringfinger
CandiriaWhile They Were Sleeping Wandering Light
Omnium GatherumGrey HeavensFrontiers
Sonata ArcticaWinterheart's GuildThe Cage
Leaves EyesVinland SagaElegy
Freedom CallMaster Of LightMetal is for Everyone
Shark Infested DaughtersThese Tides, Our TombsWhitefang
SireniaDim Days of DolorDim Days of Dolor
Trees of EternityHour of the NightingaleGallows Bird
AsteroidIIITil' Dawn
SuperjointCaught Up In The Gears Of ApplicationRigging the Fight
ChagallLocust SpitterGhosts
Spirit of the ForestA void into the fields of silence / La nature oubliéeHidden Castle
AurochMute BooksHer Bidding

November 16/17

Trap ThemCrown FeralHellionaires
Six of SwordsWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol. 4Hell's Messiah
ChagallLocust SpitterGhosts
Black AbsintheEarly Signs of DenialThe Wild
Skull FistChasing the DreamHour to Live
GrosstyCrocopterCorporate Gigolo
Evil MadnessEvil Madness / Infant Death SplitDebased Mind
Infant DeathEvil Madness / Infant Death SplitPhases of Ignorance
SiaskelHaruwen AirenHechuknhaiyin Yecna Shuaken Chima
Cainbandcamp singleEvilution
Ion DissonanceCast the First StoneThe Truth Will Set You Free
InireCauchemarWide Awake
Van HalstWorld of Make BelieveSave Me
Cross VaultMiles to Take CD/12" MLPA Hand Moving Mountains
MordbrandSkullbearer / In Nighted Waters - split LPWhere Existence is Null
GravehillSkullbearer / In Nighted Waters - split LPRedeemed in Blood
In FlamesColonyEmbody the Visible
PythonWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol. 4Survive Another Night
CarcassHeartworkCarnal Forge
Inter ArmaSky BurialDestroyer
DeafheavenNew BermudaLuna
Soft KillChokeI'm Beside You

November 23/24

The Deathgasm soundtrack edition. (

ManowarKings of MetalHail and Kill
ProtokultsingleOy Kanada
PrimordialGods to the Godless (Live at Bang Your Head Festival Germany 2015)Where Greater Men Have Fallen
SaudadeDiary of VoicesCrushing Embrace
HarrowFragments of a Fallen StarKeening
VersifistCipher... In Tongues
Ion DissonanceCast the First StoneTo Lift the Dead Hand of the Past
AncressVictoria/JeiuniumSeven Sorrows
TactusBending LightScimitar
Protest the HeroPacific MythRagged Tooth
BulletbeltDeathgasm soundtrackDeathgasm
RazorwyreDeathgasm soundtrackDesert Inferno
Elm StreetDeathgasm soundtrackHeavy Metal Power
Skull FistDeathgasm soundtrackBad for Good
AxeslasherDeathgasm soundtrackMark of the Pizzagram
NunslaughterDeathgasm soundtrackLooking Into the Abyss
EmperorDeathgasm soundtrackThe Burning Shadows of Silence
IhsahnDeathgasm soundtrackIntrospection
The Wretched EndDeathgasm soundtrackTyrant of the Mountain
Backwoods PaybackFire Not ReasonDirge
She Said Boom36CYour Love Glows in the Dark
MidnightDeathgasm soundtrackEvil Like a Knife

November 30/December 1

Tune in tonight at midnight to find out...

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