Thursday, 25 August 2016

KEEW playlist for Aug 10, 2016 - the Doomed to Death Grimposium edition

During the first week in August, I attended a series of events in Montreal presented by Grimposium under the Doomed to Death banner. I posted my initial thoughts over on Hellbound while I was still in Montreal ( and I still have more to write. But on this episode of Kill Eat Exploit the Weak we celebrated the bands who participated in the fest and chatted about the events.

August 10/11, 2016

KEEW's Grimposium Doomed to Death feature:

VastumCarnal LawUmbra Interna
TrepanationMeticulous Evisceration demoMeticulous Evisceration
Phrenelithdemo #1 2015Eradicated
Obsolete MankindFalse AwakeningSide Effects of an Obsolete System
Necrotic MutationNecrotic Mutation EPThe Necrotic Mutation
Misery IndexDiscordiaDystopian Nightmares
DeathHumanLack of Comprehension
Control DeniedThe Fragile Art of ExistenceBreaking the Broken
RepulsionHorrifiedSplattered Cadavers
Cardinal WyrmBandcamp singleEnter the Eternal Fire
Cold Ways

We also played:

PlaguewormA Cowards FraudNorah
Old WitchOld Witch/Keeper splitBroken Soil on an Early Grave
DBCInto the Blizzard compilationThird Coming
Black AbsintheEarly Signs of DenialIs This Life
CounterpartsNew Damage 2016 Summer SamplerBurn
SevendustKill the FlawKill the Flaw
The Dillinger Escape PlanOne of Us is the KillerNothing's Funny
TMHM (The Man and His Machine)Stage NamesHodgepodge

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