Tuesday, 23 September 2014

more cfp sharing: Tribe & Rite Conference at University of Victoria November 8-9

The University of Victoria English Department and Heavy Metal UVic invite paper submissions for

Tribe & Rite Conference at University of Victoria November 8-9 

Possible Topics:
The makings and markers of a metalhead | Metal as genresubculturecounterculture, or tribe | Rites and rituals of regional/historical metal movements | The transformation of metal by academia and vice versa | Generational differences in metal The influence of metal on other culturalmovements (e.g. punk, hippy), and vice versa | Comparison of metal with other cultural movements | Comparison of subcultures within metal (e.g. the radical politics of crust, the Satanism, neo-paganism, and occultism of black metal) | The future and fate of metal | Inclusive and exclusivebehavior among metalheads| The relationship between metal music and memorabilia

Metal culture celebrates the wild, the grotesque, and the forbidden. We invite papers on these themes from across the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and related disciplines. Papers can draw on lyrics, musical technique, aesthetics (music, fashion, album art), innovations in metal, regional and historical metal movements, and more.
Please send proposals to: metalcon@uvic.ca in Word format by 10/3/14
Include author name(s), department and institution, email address, title of presentation, and an abstract of 50-100 words.
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