Friday, 20 December 2013

clearing up the playlist backlog, part 2: Dec 11 & 18, 2013

This post should bring us up to date with the Kill Eat Exploit the Weak playlists, until next week that is, when we air our HEAVY METAL XMAS SPECIAL!

And the following Wednesday night, tune in for our year-end countdown - an overview of the metal and near-metal (simulated meat*) we liked best in 2013.

In the meantime...

December 11

InsomniumEphemeralEphemeralCentury Media
The OceanPelagial04 Bathyalpelagic II_ The Wish in DreamsMetal
LilituThe Delores LesionOnly The End of The World AgainThe End
WarMachineWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol.1Moving OnHMMAC
BorknagarThe Archaic CourseNocturnal VisionCentury Media
Ghost BrigadeIsolation SongsInto the Black LightSeason of Mist
UFOStrangers in the NightDoctor DoctorChrysalis
ManowarHail to EnglandBlood of My EnemiesINAR Music
Tad MoroseSender of ThoughtsFading PicturesBlack Mark
Kimi KarkiThe Bone of My BonesRed Rooster*Svart
LumbarThe First And Last Days Of Unwelcome Day Four*Southern Lord
WOLDStratificationFrost Crystal Symmetry*Profound Lore
CKYHaggard soundtrackShock & TerrorSanctuary
ShrinebuilderShrinebuilderThe ArchitectNeurot
NachtmystiumAssassins: Black Meddle Part 1Ghosts of GraceCentury Media
Eclipse EternalThe Essence of HopelessnessAncient Voices on the WindArchaic North Entertainment
Fragile ExistenceWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol.1Departing the DamnedHMMAC
GorgutsColored SandsForgotten ArrowsSeason of Mist
Cephalic CarnageMisled by CertaintyWarbots A.M.Relapse
BaptistsBushcraftRussian SpiritsSouthern Lord
Mares of ThraceThe MoultingGeneral ShermanSonic Unyon
Blood DusterYeestVulgar TasteRelapse

December 18

KataklysmWaiting For The End To ComeDead & BuriedNuclear Blast
The Black Dahlia MurderEverblackGoat of DepartureMetal Blade
MasteryWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol.1Step UpHMMAC
Andy WinterIncomprehensibleReversed Psychological PatternsThe End
HakenThe MountainAtlas StoneInside Out
TesseractAltered StateOf Mind - NocturneCentury Media
Altar of PlaguesTeethed Glory and InjuryGod AloneProfound Lore
Imperium DekadenzMeadows of NostalgiaBrigobannisSeason of Mist
WiltWiltPale ConsternationWinter Wolf Records
Bölzer AuraCoronal Mass EjaculationIron Bonehead
AvatariumAvatariumPandoras EggNuclear Blast
Corrections HouseHoax The System/Grin With a Purpose 7” Hoax the SystemWar Crimes Recordings
BlizaroSTRANGE DOORWAYSShifting Through Trapezoidal Vessel*I Voidhanger
E-musikgruppe Lux OhrKometenbahn Mythos*Svart
The Night WatchThe Night WatchThe Great Escape*Independent
Cancer BatsDead Set On LivingNew World AllianceDistort
ClutchEarth RockerCrucial VelocityWeathermaker
ZemialNyktaBreath of PestilenceHells Headbangers
ImpaledMedical WasteThe HearseDeathvomit

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