Wednesday, 18 December 2013

clearing up the playlist backlog, part 1: Nov 27 and Dec 4, 2013

Apparently the time of year (and its impact on my schedule) has been keeping me from posting our Kill Eat Exploit the Weak playlists! Please bear with me as we get caught up.

December 4th featured an extra dose of local metal to highlight a particularly busy live music weekend in the Hamilton area.

(simulated meat*)

November 27

AnnihilatorFeastDeadlockUDR Music
RammerCancerAstral ViolenceBlue Fog
AvatariumAvatariumBoneflowerNuclear Blast
AstrakhanThe PillaristRest in DepthsIndependent
Black Wizard Young WisdomH.U.G.H.War On Music
CoffinsNoothgrush/Coffins splitThe Wretched PathSouthern Lord
Hanging GardenI Was a SoldierWinter to Summer AdverseLifeforce
ProcessionTo Reap Heavens ApartConjurerHigh Roller
Caladan BroodEchoes of BattleA Voice Born of Stone and DustNorthern Silence
AgathodaimonIn DarknessOceans of BlackMassacre
EnshineOriginCindersRain Without End
WombbathInternal Caustic TormentsAbandonPulverised
Vulture IndustriesThe Tower The Dead Won't Mind"Season of Mist
The Birthday MassacreVioletLovers End*Metropolis
Emilie AutumnOpheliacDead is the New Alive*The End
SkynetThe WildTo the HoundsIndependent
Fuck the FactsDie MiserableCold HeartedRelapse
Wolves in the Throne RoomBBC Session 2011 Anno DominiPrayer of TransformationSouthern Lord
AyahuascaPlato's Dark HorseA Dark Horse DraggingIndependent

December 4

GhostIf You Have GhostI'm a MarionetteLoma Vista
Leaves' EyesSymphonies of the NightHell the the HeavensNapalm
Ram-zetFreaks in WonderlandCircleBuil2Kill Records
BornbrokenThe Healing Powers of HateOld NewsIndependent
GiganMulti-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super ScienceInfluence Through Ritualistic ProjectionWillowtip
CryptopsyThe Best of Us BleedSlit Your GutsCentury Media
VargaEnter the MetalBeginning Of The EndIndependent
Graveyard of SoulsShadows of LifeShadows of LifeFDA Rekotz
BeastmilkClimaxDeath Reflects Us*Svart Records
Helen MoneyArriving AngelsBeautiful Friends*Profound Lore
OvOAbissoAb Uno*Supernatural Cat
CounterpartsProphetsGoodbye, MegatonVerona Records
I ExistFrom DarknessEternal ReignProsthetic
KypckЧерноРождество В МурманскеUho
SylvusUpon the Onyx ThroneThe Denial of TranscendenceIndependent
KuolemanlaaksoMusta aurinko nousee EPMe vaellamme yössä (edit) Svart Records
Will of the AncientsTo Our Glorious DeadThe TrapperIndependent
MitochondrionParasignosisLex Ego ExitiumProfound Lore
WetworkSynodShelter of HypocrisyKrankenhaus Records


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Fuck yeah! Thanks for playing some Axeslasher. Much appreciated!

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