Tuesday, 28 May 2013

KEEW playlist May 22, 2013 - the (pre) Maryland Deathfest edition

As a teaser for this week's episode of Kill Eat Exploit the Weak (with me flying solo), here's a rundown of last week's playlist - our first show back on the air!

Audrey Horne
Youngblood (Napalm)
Redemption Blues
Amorphis Circle (Nuclear Blast) Hopeless Days
Woods of Ypres Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Lights (Earache) Lightning & Snow
Bolt Thrower …For Victory (Earache) When Glory Beckons
Carcass Heartwork (Earache) This Mortal Coil
Pig Destroyer Terrifyer (Relapse) Carrion Fairy
Evoken Atra Mors (Profound Lore) Grim Eloquence
Pallbearer Sorrow and Extinction (Profound Lore) Devoid of Redemption
Pentagram Last Rites (Metal Blade) Into the Ground
Striker Armed to the Teeth (Napalm) Fight for your Life
Sacrifice The Ones I Condemn (Sonic Unyon Metal) The Ones I Condemn
Goat Horn Storming the Gates  Fortress Doomed
Pelican* Ataraxia/Taraxis (Southern Lord)  Ataraxia
Ihsahn Angl (Candlelight) Unhealer
Devin Townsend Project Deconstruction (InsideOut) Juular
Melvins Houdini (Atlantic) Night Goat
Weedeater Jason… the Dragon (Southern Lord) Turkey Warlock
Cobalt  Gin (Profound Lore) Arsonry
Slayer Reign in Blood (Def Jam) Raining Blood

Don't forget that if you miss us when we air - Wednesday nights at midnight, ET - you can listen to our recent show(s) at http://cfmu.msumcmaster.ca/. Show archives are available via the Programming tab - just scroll down to find Kill Eat Exploit the week (appropriate graphic coming soon). I've had better luck patiently downloading the podcast than streaming it.

* Pelican kicks off our new feature: Simulated Meat. Tune in or stay tuned to find out what I'm talking about.

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