Sunday, 10 February 2013

good stuff from 2012, revisited

I saw Stolen Babies and Turisas at the Mod Club in Toronto last night. Breaking my winter concert drought was enough to put me in a good mood on its own, but both bands are excellent entertainers and performers, so seeing them play live on the same night was pure pleasure (despite the fact that I nearly ate myself into a coma at Utopia before the show).

Stolen Babies' set reminded me how good their 2012 album Naught really is - the first from the band in many years. Which also reminded me of the regrets I felt for not managing to squeeze the record onto  my best of the year list. So, in honour of how awesome last night's concert was, and in tribute to both bands that made it so, here's my list of 2012 albums I really liked but which didn't make it to my top 10.

the shirt I bought last night

  • Abigail Williams - Becoming (Candlelight)
  • Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence (Metal Blade)
  • Drudkh - Eternal Turn of the Wheel (Season of Mist)
  • Enslaved - RIITIIR (Nuclear Blast)
  • Ereb Altor - Gastrike (Napalm)
  • The Foreshadowing - Second World (Metal Blade)
  • Forest of Shadows - A Shadowplay for Yesterdays (Prophecy)
  • Ides of Gemini - Constantinople (Neurot)
  • Jess and the Ancient Ones - Jess and the Ancient Ones (Svart)
  • Moonspell - Alpha Noir (Napalm)
  • Stolen Babies - Naught (Nocomment)
  • Syven - Aikaintaite (Vendlus)

albums that made it to specialty lists only:

  • Evoken - Atra Mors (Profound Lore) (doom top 5)
  • Mares of Thrace - The Pilgrimage (Sonic Unyon) (Canadian top 5)
  • 11th Hour - Lacrima Mortis (Napalm) (doom top 5)

(no Turisas because they didn't release anything last year, though they were part of the impressive Paganfest 2012 tour)

Sadly, I'm sure I'm still forgetting some really good stuff.

My official year-end list contributions:

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