Monday, 13 August 2012

Heavy TO 2012 in review

My thoughts on Heavy TO 2.0 (not necessarily in any particular order):

1. So much mud! I've been lucky never running into a waterlogged festival until now. Lots of people seemed to take the sea of mud at Downsview Park in stride or even revel in it. I couldn't. I was still able to enjoy of the bands, but my distaste for tromping through the mud meant I didn't get much of the 'fest' experience this year. I did appreciate the efforts to soak up the mud with wood chips and the dry gravelled area near and between the stages.

2. Traffic sucks. I know this isn't a revelation, but between crappy highway traffic and lack or/mixed info on media parking we missed all of Cancer Bats plus the beginning of Overkill's set. I was not pleased. What I did see of Overkill was awesome though.

3. I still find Cannibal Corpse boring. In complete contrast, Dillinger Escape Plan live are almost unbelievably entertaining.

4. Killswitch Engage are catchy and talented but silly looking and their lead guitarist is obnoxious.

5. Kataklysm may be the heaviest live band on the planet.

6. Suicidal Tendencies are still pretty awesome, even if it's barely the same band I remember, but my teenage self loved them better.

7. Gojira are really really good, but better live than on record, I think.

8. Swedes have amusing senses of humour. I wish In Flames still played their older stuff, but they're lots of fun to see even now.

9. The best bands (in my opinion, anyway) are some of the least appreciated - as in short sets scheduled early in the day.

Marilyn Manson
10. The Deftones were heavier than I expected.

11. Good to see complex bands pulling that complexity off live (DEP, BTBAM, Periphery...).

12. Fleshgod Apocalypse were great but seemed a little out of place. Very glad I made it in time to see them.

Pretty much everything else I have to say is here at Exclaim, with some awesome shots by Adam Wills:

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Brockword Smothersland said...

I can't agree with you more on C. Corpse (yes, moron cannibal corpse).
Their vocalist is not the sharpest knife in a killer’s collection and their drummer is so dull that I taste dust form in my mouth whenever I hear or read their name.

Have you ever seen Dillinger perform?
They're easily the most entertaining I've seen live (GWAR was up there too, but that's more humour based, as with S.Y.L.)
Any band who has guitarists that run into the pit while playing complex guitar work has to get an A+.
And the air Weinman gets is unreal.
Also, Puciato is just an essay on his own as a front man.

I caught your Heavy T.O. pieces on exclaim a couple days ago, and after spotting the same name, I totally used the googles.
Yes, I just recently began following you on the twitters.
Isn't the internet great for giving an air of creepiness to completely innocent text?

I just recently posted a rather polemic review of Five Finger Death Punch on my wordpress,

Hello fellow fan of metal, my name is Brock!