Thursday, 6 October 2011

office goth: two interpretations

Several years ago I discovered a Toronto clothing maker called Gloomth, and own a few of their pieces (they used to have an affordable line of one-offs, often made from repurposed materials). I haven't shopped there in a while but still see their Facebook posts. This week a link to a blog post on their interpretation of "Office Goth" caught my eye.

Also several years ago, I invited a band called Organical to guest on my radio show. Our conversation on and off the era was often led us to laughter, and though the guys were serious about their music they were less-so about themselves. While chatting about aging and subcultures, music and fashion, they (or we, perhaps) decided the term "Office Goth" might best describe where they were at. I'm not sure the tongue-in-cheekness came across when I wrote up the story for Echo, but the interview ranks among some of my most memorable.

Somehow these two interpretations of "office goth" don't quite seem to gel.

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