Thursday, 23 June 2011

able to foster a rabbit?

Back home and back to work... More of the usual posts to come, but in the meantime here is a request for help from a group called Rabbit Rescue. Get in touch with them if you can lend a hand.

Friends of Rabbit Rescue,

Many of you may have heard by now that we are involved in helping in a specific case with hundreds of rabbits that desperately need us! We have until Thursday to gather as many foster homes as we can to help these wonderful bunnies. Most of them are Holland lops or dwarfs, ranging in age from babies to adults, with every colour under the sun!

We are specifically concentrating on helping the adult bunnies. These rabbits have been through hell and back, and while we cannot share details on this specific case right now, we will be able to shortly. What we can tell you is that if we do not get enough foster homes for these bunnies, the outcome is not going to be positive for them. There are still about 70 rabbits that need foster homes.

If you can foster a bunny, please email us immediately! We will provide a cage with supplies, plus a bag of food kindly donated by Martin Mills!

If you cannot foster right now, or miss this Thursday deadline, please contact us when you can foster! As our current foster homes are going to be completely filled up, this means we will not be able to offer our help to the shelters that rely on us to take their rabbits in when they become full. The situation for them, will become dire quickly too.

We need your help, and the bunnies need your love. Please consider fostering or adopting today. If you can't foster, donations are greatly appreciated. We will be spaying/neutering every rabbit that comes in, plus providing them all with medical care. You can donate

Thank you for your support!
Haviva Lush
Executive Director, Rabbit Rescue Incorporated
Finding Rabbits Loving Homes

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