Monday, 23 August 2010

metallers and oil spills

Earlier this summer, after BP's catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster, a bunch of musicians made the choice to boycott BP products on their summer tours. An email from Soilwork's label was the first I heard of it, but according to this Blabbermouth story on the BP boycott, the list of artists involved was fairly large, including bands like Anthrax, Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Korn and the likes (which may partly explain Korn's oil rig stage set-up at Heavy MTL?).

The latest bit of anti-oil spill news to come my way sounds a little more proactive, and involves the new band fronted by ex-Killswitch Engage singer Jess David Leach. Apparently The Empire Shall Fall are contributing some merch money to Gulf clean-up efforts. All proceeds from the sale of their latest t-shirt, designed by Matt Yezuita, are going to a group called Gulf Coast Wildlife Rescue. There's a short window for this charity-support shopping, but if you want a TSEF shirt and want to help out animals in the Gulf, you've got until August 29th at midnight to make your money do a little extra work.

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