Tuesday, 1 June 2010

and the adventure continues (welcoming in June with Entombed)

Hypocrisy @ Toronto's Wreck Room, May 29
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June 1 is an exciting day for me this year. For one, this is my first time getting to see Entombed! I've been dying to see them since the early 90s and have two distinct and disappointing memories of missing out on them before. Finally that's all gonna change.

And two, Hellbound.ca - the metal webzine I'm proud to be involved with - turns one year old today! Join in the celebrations and post your comments here.

And of course, this comes after what (surprisingly, for me at least) turned out to be a really good May, closed out by an awesome metal weekend. Friday night was my third time making it out to DJ Miss Barbrafisch's Fistful of Metal night at Disgraceland - I highly recommend this monthly event (and should get out to it more often myself). Then Saturday... Hypocrisy! It took seeing them headline at the Reverb many years ago for me to clue in to the fact of how much I love this band and seeing them finally headline again was a helluva treat. You can read my review for exclaim.ca here, but be sure to keep an eye out at Hellbound.ca for Natalie Zed's review and photos by Adam Wills, plus you can check out Mark Coatsworth's photos for Metallus Maximus here.

Happy June 2010!

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