Wednesday, 4 November 2009

metal vegetarians and Type O in Detroit

If I knew Liv Kristine, from Atrocity and Leaves' Eyes, was a vegetarian, I had forgotten. Apparently Deciblog has got the scoop on her favourite recipes. I'll skip the egg and cheese stuff but I could really go for some of that pumpkin soup...

We just survived a weekend in Detroit complete with a Halloween Type O Negative concert (how serendipitous was that!). First time I really listened to Type O offshoot Seventh Void - really good stuff, kind of Sabbath-y but with a higher goth than doom factor. There were other bands too, but really Seventh Void and Type O Negative were all I paid attention to. So much that I suffered a little shock paralysis when the walking freak show that is Peter Steele took his place looming over us from Harpo's delightfully high stage. Two non-musical highlights: someone throws a drink a Steele and it lands on his leg - he says something along the lines of "nice shot" and keeps going like he'd swatted a fly; the usual "you suck" chant starts up and he tells us we're hurting his feelings. Definitely one of the best Type O shows I've seen. Hellbound's got the full review (by Jonathan Smith) and some great photo shots (by Adam Wills). We've also got a few more low-res photos here.

Being metal vegetarians in Detroit (there were three of us) was a typically tricky proposition. Apparently the best vegetarian eats weren't in safe walking distance, but we made out okay. That said, I think if I ever see (or more importantly, smell) someone eating lamb right in front of me again I'm going to projectile vomit.

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