Tuesday, 15 September 2009

vegans in new york state

The other vegan in this household is a car guy. This year, for the first time, I tagged along for his annual pilgrimage to Watkins Glen, NY, for the vintage car races. To my surprise, Watkins Glen is a bit of a hidden vegan treasure. Or perhaps not so hidden if I'd been paying more attention.

Pleasant surprise #1: The car guy does a little restaurant research before we leave and discovers that the local brew pub in Watkins Glen offers not just a vegan burger but also a veggie bbq rib sandwich and a few other vegetarian options.

Pleasant surprise #2: We drive into Watkins Glen on Friday afternoon and one of the first things I see is a sign at the local ice cream shop for "vegan softserve." I taste-test both flavours, banana and chocolate mint, but go with the latter.

Pleasant surprise #3: I walk down the main street and off to the left see this beautiful gorge with something like 800 steps from the entrance to the top. It's rainy and the race reenactment is about to start, so I don't get to really explore, but it's a delight to behold.

I discovered the reason for Watkins Glen's vegan-friendliness after I got home and chatted with another vegan I know. The Farm Sanctuary is there. And I missed a great opportunity to visit it! Ah well, between the farm, the gorge and the vegan food, I'm definitely tempted to go back relatively soon.

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