Tuesday, 1 September 2009

academia meets music: Rush and the suburban middle class

After writing a master's thesis on Voïvod, Fear Factory, and dystopian sf, the combination of academia and music has become almost inevitable to me. So while Greg Pratt reports (in exclaim!) on a scholarly book about Rush with a tone of surprise, I'm kind of surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

The book in question is Rush, Rock Music, and the Middle Class: Dreaming in Middletown by Chris McDonald, an ethnomusicologist at Cape Breton University. The premise sounds plausible: that Rush's career and music embodies middle class anxieties and aspirations. Call me intrigued.

If you're a Rush fan with an appreciation for academic analysis, there are a few other pieces of scholarly writing on the band that I can recommend:
Bowman is also working on putting together a book on Rush and Philosophy.
  • Deena Weinstein. Serious Rock: Bruce Springsteen / Rush / Pink Floyd. Montreal: CultureTexts, 1985.
Weinstein also discusses Rush briefly in her book-length sociological study of heavy metal culture: Heavy Metal: The Music And Its Culture, New York: Dacapo 2000.

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Jon said...

Definitely interesting when matched with Neil Peart's literary and political interests.