Thursday, 20 August 2009

voivodian art (what to get me for xmas)

Many many years ago (in a galaxy far far away?) I got to sit in the back of a tour bus with Piggy (Denis D'Amour) and Away (Michel Langevin) of Voïvod, discussing heavy music, nano particles, and other delightful topics. I left with a handful of tickets to the band's show in Toronto the next night and a few photocopied sheets filled with Away's drawings.

I didn't make it to the show and none of these items are still in my possession, and I nearly cry at the thought of these losses. But it's some consolation that Away's artwork is now available in a much more vivid polished form - in a long-awaited book from Spider Publishing and Martin Popoff called Worlds Away (see Difficult Music for an excellent commentary and review).

So if you were wondering what to get me for Christmas...

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Kill Eat Exploit the Weak said...

I didn't have to wait for xmas. When Voivod swung into Toronto opening for Down this September I got a chance to chat with Away, pick up a copy of the book and take a couple of cell phone shots ( Drop by Hellbound for a more detailed review and photographic report (