Sunday, 5 July 2009

vegans no more likely to break a leg than anyone else

You may have seen a headline recently about vegans having lower bone density than non-vegans. This Discovery News article is one example.

Well, don't stop reading at the headline. If you make your way through the rest of the article you'll notice a few more significant points:
  • the study found that vegans were no more likely to be treated for bone fracture than non-vegans
  • it didn't study the contents of various vegan diets (which can differ in terms of diversity, quality, etc. between different vegans)
  • calcium intake, including drinking dairy products, is only one of many factors in bone density - such as vitamin D intake.
So don't let the headlines scare you. Eating vegan isn't a one-way ticket to osteoporosis any more than any other diet.

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