Sunday, 12 July 2009

judas priest and virtual relocations

Thanks to a good friend, I unexpectedly got the chance to see Judas Priest and Whitesnake this week when I'd been thinking I was going to miss this tour. We caught a few songs by Pop Evil (I hadn't even known they existed until I saw them and their hard-to-read banner on stage), arriving in plenty of time for the main attraction.

Amusingly, Whitesnake (or David Coverdale with various hired hands) mostly played songs off the 1987 self-titled album plus a few others. That was okay with me - that was one of the first records I played on the stereo I got for Christmas that year. Coverdale's need for backing track vocals was a little disappointing but I'd rather he had them than not if he can't sustain those delightful high screeches anymore.

Priest's choice of British Steel also had nostalgic resonance for me as that was the first Judas Priest album I ever bought (though I'm a little suspicious of their "30th anniversary" math). Rob Halford doesn't move very fast these days, but the songs sounded as good as ever, including the few non-British Steel tracks they played. No pictures, but I bet some by Adam Wills will be going up on any day now.

If was one of your web destinations you'll notice a change. There hasn't been much activity over there since our radio show went off the air - I've decided to retire the site, at least for the time being. The link now directs you here. If you're interested in old playlists, interview lists and the like, let me know.

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