Tuesday, 23 June 2009

metal writing from Canada: Hellbound

A few posts ago I mentioned Hellbound.ca. Well, I'm a little slow on the draw, because the site's been up an running for nearly a month now and this is my first real post about it. (sheesh!)

So, what should you know about Hellbound?
  • The dude running it, Sean Palmerston, has been working in the metal industry for a long time. I think we first crossed paths back in '96. More recently we've been colleagues, writing for the local weeklies View / Echo / Pulse in southern Ontario, for Exclaim! and for the now laid-to-rest Unrestrained!.
  • If you know metal, than you're probably well aware that Unrestrained! isn't the only magazine to go belly up this past year (though the only one to do so because of the death of its founder, Adrian Bromley). Hellbound is meant to go a long way toward filling the void left behind U!, Metal Maniacs, Metal Edge, and BW&BK. In fact, a lot of the writers are people (like me and Sean, Tate Bengtson, Adrien Begrand, Kevin Stewart-Panko...) who wrote for those mags.
  • We're also most, maybe all, Canadians. But the music we cover can be and is from pretty much anywhere. We write what we're interested in, so that means coverage can range from the depths of the underground to much more well-known acts. And we're flexible, not genre police.

There's lots up on the site already, and a lot of variety as well - reviews of various sorts, band interviews, label profiles, book review / interviews, scene commentary... Check it out!

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