Sunday, 12 April 2009

unrestrained laid to rest - the final issue

Several months ago I submitted my last interviews for Unrestrained! magazine. At the time we were expecting to have the issue out before Christmas, or at least the end of the year. Then - as you know if you've been reading along - Adrian Bromley died suddenly and unexpectedly, Unrestrained! died with him, and the final issue went into magazine limbo.

Thanks to some behind-the-scenes work and negotiations, that final issue is now available - downloadable as a pdf file, licensed under creative commons. Go here ( and download it for yourself.

Aside from the editorial the final issue is pretty much as Adrian last saw it and, as usual, it's filled with his writing. The rest of us never were able to keep up... Our year end picks are here and a multitude of interviews and reviews. Read it. Share it. And raise a toast or pause for a moment of silence in tribute to the man who made it all possible. 

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