Monday, 9 March 2009

Canadian film : do zombies own their ideas? do zombies have ideas?

Okay, I've lured you in with a misleading title, but now that you're here...

Anyone see the new zombie film Pontypool yet? I very much want to check it out. Brain-infecting zombies rather than brain-eating zombies, I hear. I have a Bruce McDonald weakness anyway.

I also came across a CBC write up on a new documentary on copyright and intellectual property - RiP: A Remix Manifesto. According to Matt Hays, the re/inter viewer, the doc is a complex of illustrative narratives that challenge the logic of copyright law without completely throwing the idea of intellectual property out the window. But this is the part that really got me:
RiP achieves the documentary sublime when Gaylor successfully connects a series of copyright issues — from music downloading to AIDS medication patents to the patenting of a newly developed plant species (which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled was A-OK). That puts the intellectual property debate into the realm of the chilling: corporations could actually claim ownership of an entire species.
Put this one on my 'gotta see' list.

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Jon said...

It's very exciting. Strange, strange book. Hopefully a strange, strange movie.