Thursday, 4 September 2008

post labour-day music and vegetarianism

In the mad rush of end-of-summer beginning-of-term craziness I almost forgot to post this stuff, but here it is, just in time. Think of this as a things to do this weekend kind of post.

This is the weekend of the annual Vegetarian Food Fair at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. As usual, there will be speakers, cooking demonstrations, music, vendors, and (I'm hoping) lots of delicious samples to try. I also plan on eating in the World Cafe. If you're in Toronto on Friday night you should drop by to watch the revealing documentary, The World According to Monsanto. Gene Baur from the Farm Sanctuary will also be at the Fair; so will Nimisha Raja, an independent food and environmental researcher, writer and speaker, and Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier among others.

After energizing yourself at the Food Fair (you may wanna go back for some re-energizing on Sunday), you can indulge in an all day/all night live music extravaganza. First, Glory Through Steel 3 starting 1:30pm at the Kathedral. I'm aiming to see Legion DCL XVI and Gates of Winter, but there are tonnes of bands on the bill, including headliners Nunslaughter.

From there, we plan on heading southeast a block or so northwest to Z-Club for the DTrash 'Fest D-Trash Records artist showcase. I'm particularly psyched to see Hansel again (I hope we make it in time!) but the whole line-up looks great: NWODTLEM, MEATPARADE, THE PHOERON, PHALLUS UBER ALLES, UNITUS, HANSEL, SCHIZOID, PRINCESSE ROTATIVE. Check out the Fest myspace site for a sampling of what you'll be hearing.

Then I should have enough time to recover before seeing Trouble at the Casbah in Hamilton next week. Thank the cygods for vegan energy.

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