Monday, 26 May 2008

summer nights (not the Grease variety)

The summer solstice is weeks away but tonight feels like the first summer night. To me anyway.

Outside I smell dirt and green, lilacs and a light breeze, and damp pleasantly cool-warm air. Inside I indulge in wide-open windows and know that all those smells are right out there.

In between the delicious somnolence of oldish Tiamat I hear the electric hum of the city and (post)modernity but otherwise the city is beautifully quiet as midnight approaches. So quiet. And the old house is quiet too. Not a single ghost or uneasy spirit for its 15 (?) decades of standing in place.

Nearly half way through Salt Fish Girl I'm enchanted, but not enough that I couldn't pause for a break. To tend a cat, to get a drink, to smell and listen to the night.

Napalm ate another house centipede.

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