Wednesday, 13 February 2008

University of Waterloo students! - vote in support of CKMS

In brief:
This week at the University of Waterloo an undergraduate student referendum will decide the future of campus and community radio station CKMS 100.3 FM. Students have the opportunity to vote on the following question:
"Do you support the removal of the $5.50 per term fee for CKMS, the campus
community radio station at the University of Waterloo, effective the
Fall term of 2008?"
Students are free to request fee refunds during the first few weeks of term, but most don't, and the funding that the station receives from this fee is vital for its continuing operation. To put it bluntly, without the student fee the station will close.

Besides being a great place to hear underground metal music in KW, CKMS is a valuable resource for the university and local community. The station is a venue for diverse musical programming, alternative voices and out of the mainstream ideas. It's also an important training ground for volunteers, helping students and community members develop skills in public speaking, news, public relations, politics, administration and a wealth of other areas.

If you're a UW undergrad student please vote in support of CKMS, and if you know any UW undergrads please encourage them to do the same. Both the school and the broader community will suffer if CKMS has to shut down.

Vote No, Support CKMS!
CKMS Radio Waterloo

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