Saturday, 8 December 2007

animal studies vs studying animals and a little activism pt. 2

From Greenpeace:

Turns out today, December 8, is a Global Day of Action Against Climate Change - a citizens' response the 13th International Conference on Climate Change in Bali, Indonesia.

Some of the neat things going on today include (or have included) a family-friendly rally/parade in downtown Guelph and a mass demonstration in Toronto. Environment Hamilton has several interrelated projects on the go too, like letter writing, signing up to record your vehicle use for a month, commitments to taking public transit, and family/friend screenings of An Inconvenient Truth (that movie by Tipper Gore's husband).

From Niagara Action for Animals:

Letters are needed in response to the current deer culling taking place on Navy Island and the Standard's coverage of the cull - Native bow hunters culling Navy Island deer; Some sport hunters upset at exclusion.

NAfA has campaigned against this cruelty in the past, but the Ministry seems intent on having the deer killed rather than come up with a humane alternative. They are now (irresponsibly) proposing that native hunters be allowed to kill the deer with bows, as you can see from the headline. NAfA's guess is that the ministry is allowing aboriginal hunters to carry out the cull in an effort to stave off criticism. NAfA asks for polite letters to be sent to the Standard. Contact NAfA by email if you need additional background information.

Stocking stuffer suggestion: a vegan coffin soap from the Royal Sarcophagus Society.

And if the holiday season has you feeling a little too commercial and indulgent, consider making a donation to a worthy animal rescue organization as a present to yourself. Of if action is more to your means or inclination, deer culling on Navy Island isn't the only issue you can put your pen to. Try sending a Zoocheck postcard to parliament about legistlation for animals in captivity. Tell the government that animals need protection when they're in transit. Demand the banning of leg-hold and conibear traps in Guelph, Ontario.

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