Wednesday, 7 November 2007

...and Time Flies [when you're reading Maus]

How could October - October! - pass by without a single posting from me? Thus goes the life of an aspiring academic, I suppose. This year I co-carved my first jack-o-lantern since I don't know when, put up orange lights and a green glowing skull, and had to let my mom hand out treats to [run out of treats for] the little tricksters while I was in a car on a NY interstate. (And, sadly, my Molly Millions costume was too subtle/obscure/snobbish for general appreciation.)

However, the sacrificial limitations on my Halloween festiveness and moral responsibilities was a fair price to pay, at least temporarily. In exchange I received several days of intellectual stimulation, much of it from scholars concerned with the cultural and political implications of technoscience and our relationships with other animals. For what more inspiring [overwhelming] could I ask? I returned reminded of how much I have yet to read and to write but reassured that the [my] voice of dissent is stronger than I realized.

And the soundtrack of November is Agua de Annique, Ulver and V:28. At least for now.

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