Sunday, 22 July 2007

squeamishness, robots, and animal pals

A few more facts about Laura the vegan that I would like to share:
I'm not vegan because I'm squeamish. I am not weak and skinny, and if I'm pale it's because I'm naturally fair and not a fan of bright sunlight. Just because a bleeding steak spoils my appetite doesn't mean I'm bothered by blood. The fact that I care how humans and other animals live and die does not mean I'm afraid of death.
[stay tuned for the next installment...]

The science & technology page on has been featuring an awful lot about robots lately. Are they trying to accustom us to intelligent machines so we don't notice it when they start replacing us? Fusing with us? Becoming us?

As much as I like robots I would rather hang out with my cats. The irreplaceable. Dog companions are equally irreplaceable, including the sweet and lovely Umbria [the beauty reclining on the couch], whose time on this plane has come to an end. We will all miss you, Umbria, but your red-headed human roommate most of all, I expect.

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