Thursday, 14 June 2007

skip the circus - go see Virgin Black instead

Virgin Black is coming to Ontario for the first time, playing shows in London (June 18 at the Embassy) and Toronto (June 19 at the Metal Bar), and we KEEW folks think this is grounds for some pre-show celebrating.

So this Saturday, June 16 we're featuring Virgin Black, Virgin Black and more Virgin Black. Hear songs from the new album, Requiem - mezzo forte, plus some of our favourite tracks from the band's back catalogue and an interview with vocalist/keyboardist/composer Rowan London. Don't miss it!

Listening to Virgin Black on Kill Eat Exploit the Weak, and checking the band out live next week, is a much better way to spend your time than watching animals being exploited for profit and questionable entertainment as the circus swings through Ontario this month. Human-only circuses are fascinating. Circuses with animals are disgusting. Save your money, or donate it to a worth animal protection organization instead.


S4R said...

Their June 18th show was moved from Chicago (where I live) to London, Ontario and I still don't know why.

Kill Eat Exploit the Weak said...

All the original dates except for Mexico and the To/Die/For tour had to be cancelled because of severe booking agent problems (both the band and The End got pretty much screwed over). So the two Ontario shows and the one gig in NYC were scheduled as last minute fillers. We were soooo lucky to see them here! They were absolutely amazing.