Thursday, 8 February 2007

stir crazy

What's the motivation behind keeping animals in zoos? Protecting species from extinction? Allowing researchers to observe endangered animals to better learn how to protect them in the wild? Or do they provide scientists with research subjects for studies that have nothing to do with the good of the animals? Are they there merely for human entertainment and profit?

According to African elephant expert Winnie Kiiru (project manager of the Amboseli Human-Elephant Conflict Project in Kenya) and Zoocheck Canada, the Edmonton Valley Zoo isn't in it for the benefit of its elephants. Zoocheck and Kiiru have called the Edmonton Valley Zoo's elephant enclosures the worst in Canada. Read the full story here.

btw - the Canadian organization that apparently accredited the Edmonton Valley Zoo, from what I've heard, is basically ineffectual and in all probability biased in zoos' favour. thus the need for an independent group like Zoocheck.


It's nearly a year later than I expected, but Solefald has finally released Black for Death, the companion album to Red for Fire and the second part of An Icelandic Odyssey. The two definitely flow together, but I have yet to listen to them back to back. That's up next.

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