Friday, 26 January 2007

caribou, primates and animality

Scanning the headlines on (or, as I so often do, I came across an article on the declining caribou populations in the north. Some of the major threats? High tech hunts, our capacious (insatiable?) appetite for natural resources, and ever-looming climate change. Read the full article here.

Now and then I find myself immersed in print media as well, and that (in this case, the Toronto Star) is where I found out about an event called An Evening of Sustainable Style. The 'green' themed fashion show, which takes place on January 30, is part of a larger initiative called the Green Carpet Series and benefits WWF-Canada. I am intrigued.

And one more note for this delightfully snowy Friday... Inspired by a Words Worth gift card nestled in my backpack I spent a little time browsing for new books last night and found Frans de Waal's Primates and Philosophers. I've long been puzzled and unsettled by our tendency to attribute our more ghastly behaviours to some sort of inner animal. It's this very issue that de Waal apparently confronts - the notion that morality and ethics are exclusively human, a thin veneer restraining the beast within. The idea has a lot of popular currency and I'd like to see it questioned. I'll report back later on de Waal's success.

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